Sunday, July 06, 2008

Is Chiranjeevi a Leader?

A leader is one who does not follow an established path. He who creates his own path is a leader.

There is a lot of euphoria among Telugu Prajaneekam in Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the world. The euphoria is because of the expectation and perhaps the impending entry of one of the icons of Telugus into the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh. The euphoria is befitting of the stature and status of the person. We have seen his entry in over a hundred films spanning over two decades. It is always with a Big Bang!!

The introduction is perhaps enough for every one keeping a tab on Andhra Pradesh politics to understand about whom this article is about. Chiru: The Mega Star of Telugu cinema. A lot has already been written and spoken about his charitable activities. There are a lot of people who perhaps have contributed more in charity than Chiranjeevi has. So what differentiates chiru from others?

As a kid, growing up in Andhra Pradesh in 80’s and 90’s, one is most probably a fan of chiru by default and only then a fan of any other Hero. What has made him so special?

If the Telugu movie landscape of late 70’s and early 80’s is observed, the aging NTR and ANR were still the leading super hero’s followed by not so young Krishna and Sobhan Babu. Each had their own genre of movies to cater to. And then there were other heros who catered to various niche segments, but could not gain super stardom.

Chiranjeevi started out as an anti-hero and slowly graduated into a hero and was fortunate to have acted in some good movies with excellent themes packed with lots of action and entertainment like Challenge, Khaidi, Abhilasha and etc. He got hold of the pulse of various segments of the audience with excellent selection of themes. His movies had good and interesting stories, coupled with awesome songs, dance and pulsating action sequences. His dance and fights were choreographed with some cool steps that caught the attention of kids and youth alike. He has created a new path of cinema packed with action, dance and gripping story with awesome screenplay.

He has created his own path to be a leader among his contemporaries. So can this answer that question if he will be a leader?

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