Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Every auspicious occasion for Indians and followers of Sanatana Dharama (loosely called Hinduism) will be held on good and bad days.

How do you define good and bad days?
To figure out what is a good day and what is not a good day, an almanac called Panchanga is used.

A day is classified as good or bad based on five properties or panch angas = panchanga.

The five angas that determine the relative auspicious ness of time are

the tithi active at sunrise the vaasara or weekday the nakshatra in which the moon resides at sunrise the yoga active at sunrise the karana active at sunrise

How are these properties calculated is explained here.

For Thursday 14th September 2006. It is

Guruvasara, Krishna paksha- asthami, mrigasiri nakshatra, Siddhi Yoga, Kaulava Karana.

You can get your dialy panchang at

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