Thursday, January 03, 2013

India: Laws to handle sexual assault cases.

Over the last 3 weeks or so, most news articles originating out of India or written about India, have been about the gory rape of a 23 year old woman and the turn of events since then.

I have had several friends post their opinion and commentary on their Facebook pages. Very rarely have I felt that a comment or a post or an article had the complete grasp of events. Majority of these comments or posts were emotional rants that I felt were not close to reality.

There has been a demand for better laws and most times better laws were described as something strict and immediate.

I have my own set of opinions on what needs to happen and wanted to blog about it. But this article on CSMonitor has very accurate and concise commentary from Flavia Agnes, a lawyer and veteran women’s right activist with the group Majlis.

To quote her comments in this article

“Their demands are very basic and undemocratic, they want immediate justice and have no understanding of democratic processes and constitutional requirements,” says Those demands have included punishing rape with castration or the death penalty and fast track courts to try those cases – measures that women’s groups don’t necessarily support. Death penalties may deter reporting of the crime – most rapes go unreported, it is believed – and may cause the rapist to murder the victim, say many women’s activists. Ms. Agnes also opposes fast track courts, which she says is more likely to lead to “fast track acquittals.”

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