Sunday, November 28, 2010

2G Spectrum and Tapped Phone Conversations.

I am certainly not an expert in analyzing Indian politics or happenings in India, but it seems to me that the 2G spectrum issue will probably malign reputations of several political and business leaders that have been earned over a life time.

See the chain of events after the 2G spectrum scam came to light.
1. Tapped phone conversations between Nira Radia (Lobbyist?)) and several people are leaked to the media.
2. Leaked conversations include those with Ratan Tata.
3. Ratan Tata is unhappy and gives an interview to NDTV about governance and all. []
4. Ratan Tata praises the PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh as being honest. Why now?
5. Sonia Gandhi appreciates Ratan Tata for his interview.
6. Ratan Tata moves Supreme Court to get an injunction on the tapes.

All these make me think if some one got the tapes containing conversations with Ratan Tata leaked on purpose and then are pushing him to praise the PM. Who could that be????

All this is happening around the same time when the opposition is pushing the government to order a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee). According to the Parliament rules (?), Prime Minister in answerable to JPC but not the Public Accounts Committee. Governemnt wants the probe to be done by PAC and not JPC.

If Dr. Singh is indeed honest as we all think he is, I think he should go ahead and set up a JPC becuase he may come out with his reputation enhanced. Ratan Tata's worry that India will become a "Banana Republic" will then be unfounded. []

Mera Bharat Mahan!!

PS: I am just a "aam aadmi". Please don't tap my phones for posting my thoughts on this blog.

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