Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shashi Tharoor: Cattle Class & Apology

Mr. Shashi Tharoor ran into a controversy by calling the economy class in flights as cattle class. With 169000+ followers he has, he probably gave some fresh piece of news with his Cattle Class comment.

The Kangress party reacted the way they were expected to.

As expected, Mr. Tharoor apologized too. But was it an honest apology? IMHO, apologies are best when there are no ifs & buts associated with them. Read his apology here (

Having learnt “belatedly of fuss over my tweet” in reply to a journalist’s question whether he would travel “cattle class” to Kerala, Mr. Tharoor said the phrase cattle class was used by the scribe and he had only repeated it. Further, according to the Minister, “it’s a silly expression but means no disrespect to economy class travellers, only to airlines for herding us in like cattle”.

Of the view that many had misunderstood him, Mr. Tharoor in another tweet observed that he had been told it sounds worse in Malayalam; especially when said out of context: “I now realise I shouldn’t assume people will appreciate humour. And you shouldn’t give those who would wilfully distort your words an opportunity to do so.”

In yet another reply to a query he got from one of his 169,096 followers on Twitter, the Minister said: “Holy cows are NOT individuals but sacrosanct issues or principles that no one dares challenge. Wish critics would look it up.”

I still wonder how this guy being a diplomat, tweeted this rubbish. He of all people should know that you don't use the same words media uses and have a filter between your brain and mouth.

Dude, you seem to have lost the opportunity to ever become the secretary general for United Nations because of you undiplomatic (if this is a word) skills

I respected you for what you were and all, but now you lost it.

Sorry mate!

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SD said...

Thats a nice mix on topics on one blog!!...I did not know of this latest piece on news on Shashi Tharoor. Liked his recent talk on TED India: check it out!