Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rama Never Existed!!!

kausalyaa suprajaa raama poorvaa saMdhyaa pravartatE
utthishTha nara Saardoola kartavyaM daivamaahnikaM (Twice)

"O Rama, son of Kausalya and dearest to the people. The dawn before sunrise is on its way. Rise, O Tiger amonst humans. Your divine duties beckon you."

But according to Archeological Survey of India and Government of India, no such person as Rama existed..

So what should we do about Suprabhatam now? Change it to "Oh Sonia Gandhi, the curse of India and hater of sanatana dharma. The dawn before sunrise is on its way. Rise, oh destroyer of Sanatana Dharma, Your cruel intentions beckon you."????

Indians need to think before we elect our reprsentatives. A corrupt politician is better than a religion destroyer. The congress party will meet the same fate of Ravana. They will be destroyed by Dushera. This is a curse to them

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