Monday, October 02, 2006

Ramar Pillai Herbal Fuel

Reading about Ethanol Fuel or (Gasoline Type C, Gasohol) on wiki, I remembered about Ramar Pillai.

Ramar Pillai, a high school drop out from Tamilnadu (India), clained to have invented a fuel with extracts from herbs. He was a big phenomenon in India during the 90's.

Later, it was claimed by Indian authorities that what he created was not Herbal fuel.
"The material being sold is definitely not of herbal origin, but petroleum products produced by oil companies."

Another article mentions about his patent application.

Wikipedia describes the process of herbal fuel production in this article. "Ethanol can be produced in different ways, using a variety of feedstocks" - wiki

Reading these articles, I think that what Ramar Pillai was talking about was not wrong.
What say??

Ramar Pillai Herbal Fuel

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