Sunday, December 04, 2005

Procedure for H1B stamping in Ottawa,CA

I want to give some helpful hints inapplying for the H1B stamping only in Ottawa, CA1)Try booking the Best Western Inn,$80/night) addressed:131 Laurier StHull, QC J8X3W3 Canada
2)This motel is situated really close to theembassy(takes a leisure 15 min)
3)Try booking an appointment as early in the morningas you can(around 8:00 Am or the earliest 9:00am)
4)Be at the embassy at least 30hr before the scheduledtime.
5) Do not take any bags or key chains with batteriesand try avoiding the cell phone too.
6) Just carry a file with all the required docs
7)After the security check, you have to go inside andpay $100(US dollars only)
8) There are around 4 counters, and they will announceyour name after may be 30min(approx)
9) I think you all know what documents are required.I was asked only one question regarding my university,that did I graduate from the same univ. or not. That'sit they said come and pick your passport tomorrow.
10)There is noway u can get the passport on the sameday.If anyone has questions please do mail me."Pride builds walls but humility builds bridges.

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