Sunday, December 04, 2005

Prashanth: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Documents Requires:

Passport SSN Form DS ¡V 156, Form DS ¡V 157
You can fill these at the consulate too. However, you will save time there if you do it before.
Mexican consulate appointment letter Bank Draft for $100 from Benamix bank,
This can be obtained through a consultant or you can go to the bank directly and get one, this does not take more than 5 mins at the bank.
I ¡V 797 original I ¡V 129, you will only have a copy of this. LCA Offer letter from employer, be sure to include you position title, pay and joining date Original Masters Degree & Transcripts Original Bachelors Degree & Transcripts Pay stubs¡Kif possible take all, if not make sure you atleast have the most recent stubs. OPT card.

The following were the questions:

Which country are you from? Where are you currently working at? Which company do you work for? Show me you OPT card. Did you work on CPT. Show me your transcripts. Did you ever have any immigration problems? Show me your pay stubs. What is you title? What is your job responsibility? How big is Cummins? Here is the receipt, Go pay 50 bucks at the cashier counter.
Totally it took about 15- 18 mins for this process.
¡§Watch outs¡¨ during visa stamping

Be sure you don¡¦t have any scars or cuts (I know a popular way is paper cuts) on your both INDEX fingers

Take the LATEST pay stubs.

And for god sake don¡¦t forget your transcripts.

Three of my friends have been stopped for the above reasons; of course there may be many others too.

Be ready to spend a day standing in sun, to collect your visa.

If in case you miss any thing don¡¦t panic, ask for reappointment on the same day, if possible, and you can get the documents faxed to consulate or to the ¡§HOME DEPOT¡¨, which is about four blocks from the consulate. Good news they also have internet access, but the bad part is key boards are Spanish.

In the worst case scenario there is a ¡§CrownPlaza¡§, hotel close to the US consulate, you can stay there, if at all the situation demands( $150 per day, expensive but safe).

To make phone calls there is pharmacy store, next to consulte, you can get phone cards there.

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